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Hyderabad: Businessman donates ration, extends help to scores hit by Covid-19

Hyderabad: Businessman donates ration, extends help to scores hit by Covid-19

HYDERABAD: For several families left struggling for daily essentials during the lockdown, those like Premal Parekh are a ray of hope. The 50-year-old businessman not only distributed ration among many of these households, but also provided stationery kits to school students and financial help to those in need.

In fact, Parekh, who started his philanthropic work 30 years ago, has been at the forefront in extending help to families on a long-term basis. He supports about 30 families through donations, including ration kits to 75 families every month. “I realised that extending one-time support to any family gives them temporary relief. But if I support even one family for a longer period of time, it can bring about a vast change in their lives,” said Parekh, who heads a textile firm.

A resident of Begumpet, Parekh has extended support to labourers and tribal people among many others. A few of them happen to be students who were on the verge of dropping out from college. “Together, I and my brother had to pay about Rs 34,000 towards tuition fee. Since my father lost his job due to the pandemic, we were unable to pay the fee on time. Then, Parekh paid our entire fee thereby saving us from dropping out,” said Dixita Vyas, a degree student.

Parekh has also worked closely with several NGOs to extend help, especially in the education sector. “He has had keen interest in the education sector. Every time we have a new project wherein we need support from some philanthropist, he is among the first ones whom we approach. He has also helped us set up solar lights in tribal areas,” said Maharshi Dave, founder of Sparsh, a local NGO, adding that more than 1,500 food kits have been distributed in tribal schools and brick kilns.